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 Andesite diagonal of the sun
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The diagonal sun andesite natural stone which is generally widely used for building foundations (houses and buildings), has now shifted to decorative rock. Andesite natural stone is also widely used by people to enhance the appearance of the house. It is therefore natural that andesite stones can be easily found on the walls, floors, patio railings, sidewalks, cartports and garden walkways. Andesite natural stone is indeed one of the most conventional natural stone wall materials. This is because the character is hard, rough, and also resistant to weather and mildew so that it is suitable for the walls of your home, andesite natural stone has a bright color with speckled patterns with beautiful varying densities. This stone is durable, sturdy, and can be used in various areas of the house such as fences, parks and wallsThe characteristics of andesite are grayish-white and small granules such as basalt. This type of stone has the characteristic color of light gray to dark, with pores that tend to be dense with a high level of hardness. In addition, this stone is also resistant to scratches and weather changes. From the characteristics above, it can be concluded that this type of stone is a stone that is perfect enough to be applied to any part of the house, both interior and exterior. That is because this stone will not be easily mossy or moldy although often exposed to water or rain, because it has almost no pores.Andesite is very easy to find anywhere. One of them is in the prosperous successful natural stone store that provides andesite stone for your building needs for booking information can contact:(+62) 6142404751
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