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Bata Hebel
Bata Hebel
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20 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Hebel brick

We are Light / Hebel Distributor.
Lightweight Brick Quality Our Size Precise and accurate, Porous smooth, strong and light

* Solutions For You who want to build Houses, Schools, Multipurpose Building, Hotel and building lannya with light brick / hebel.

* By using a light brick / hebel then your building will:
- fast because of the size of big bricks
- cost-effective because it does not use sand, just use special cement for adhesive
- Practical in the process because it can be cut to shape to desire

* In terms of the needs of Lightweight Brick for per m2
- Lightweight Brick
Generally have size 60x20x10 cm and 60x20x7.5 cm
For a wall of 1 m2, approximately need:
Mild brick / Hebel = 8 pieces

* Excess Lightweight Brick / Hebel
Water-so there is very little chance of water seepage.
-Attack faster
-Light, Fire-resistant, and have good soundness
-Have uniform size and quality so as to produce a neat wall
* Size:
- 60x20x10 cm = Fill / m3: 83 Pcs for 10 Square Meters
- 60x20x7.5 cm = Fill / m3: 111 Pcs for 13 Square Meters

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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