Dinding Partisi Relief konde GRC

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28 Jul 2022
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Specification of Dinding Partisi Relief konde GRC

GRC stands for Glass Reinforced Concrete or also known as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. a mixture of concrete and glass fiber. The composition of this material generally consists of high-strength and alkali-resistant glass fibers, which are combined together with a mixture of cement such as concrete and so on.
             The main advantage of GRC boards compared to other concrete panel alternatives is their lighter weight. As a result, the cost of transportation, handling and erection of the panel also becomes more efficient. By utilizing GRC from the design stage, it is also possible to establish building foundations that are more environmentally friendly and economical - both for low-rise residential buildings to construction for high-rise properties. Aside from functioning as an ideal heat and sound insulation, this material is also not flammable or explosive so it is considered suitable for buildings that are safe from natural disasters and as a partition wall. The most common GRC applications for modern dwellings today are as a part of the exterior and interior restraints of a home. Elements such as house poles, window frames, decorative boards, floor foundations, modular buildings, molds can also be made from this material with its own advantages. Besides being used in the fields of architecture and property, GRC applications also function highly in the engineering world. Up to 2 million square meters of GRC has been used throughout the world for this need, including construction of bridges to gutters. There will be more and more innovative GRC applications in a variety of ways, both in terms of production, complex shapes and sizes. Thanks to technological advances, GRC will continue to be a favorite material favored by experts in building construction, architecture and interior designers.
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